The Lightbox Book

Lightbox the book shows all the process behind Lightbox, a DIY project by Joan García which consists on a reactive installation for skateboarders. The book covers are made of wood and everything is sewn and bound by hand.

Brücke Bier

Brücke it’s a brand formed by a Schwarzbier and a Weissbier. Its name refers to Franz Ernst Brückmann, a german doctor who wrote a play in which the Brunswick Mumme was mentioned as a drink with miraculous effects. Thanks to this legend, the Mumme, a


Josep Puy is a Barcelona, Spain based graphic designer specializing in art direction, branding, editorial and graphic design. He was responsible for the entire art direction, branding, and graphic design of the visual identity for Beige, a company dedicated to personal hygiene products and body

Casual Branding

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